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The best advice for illustrators

It’s hard to believe it’s already been over 10 years since we set up our first office in the 2nd bedroom of our apartment in the big house at the top of the hill on German Street in Shepherdstown, WV. There have been a lot of highs (our Target gift card, recently published books), a lot of lows, and a lot of cups of coffee and tea in between!

One thing has been consistent so far: ya gotta just keep pursuing good quality work, no matter what job you’re on or how much you’re getting paid.

That’s a big part of this now-famous art school graduation speech by Neil Gaiman, which we want to share with you in case you’ve never heard it! We discovered it in 2013 and still look to it for inspiration. This 20 minutes of advice for artists is just as relevant today as it was 7 years ago, and it’ll stay relevant for the next 77 years!

(We’ve included a full transcript after the jump in case you’ve watched it 50+ times like us and want a fresh way of taking it in…)

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