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Inspiration: Leonard Visits Space Picture Book

Today’s illustration inspiration comes from this awesome whimsical picture book originally published in 1965 and illustrated by Ric Hugo (1927–2003).

Unlike the previous inspiration examples we’ve posted to date (check out our post on a mid-century illustrated cookbook), a quick search of Mr. Hugo actually comes up with a bio—shocker! According to the Lambiek Comiclopedia, Ric Hugo also enjoyed a career as a comic strip creator and a courtroom sketch artist.

Leonard Visits Space is a beautiful example of the depth of storytelling you can get with reducing images to simple shapes and lines, with two simple ink colors, orange and a range of grayscale.

(Also, how much does the government official on p. 36 creepily look like Donald Trump? Now you can’t unsee it, either. You’re welcome.)


Inspiration: Mid-Century Illustrated Cookbook

Last week we shared one of the albums in our record collection that we keep for its cover illustration rather than for listening. Today we’re sharing one of the cookbooks in our library that we turn to for visual inspiration rather than its recipes! (Seriously, we’ve never cooked out of this. Though now that we’re looking through it, some of the recipes are intriguing!) This thing is chockfull of whimsical two-color spot illustrations, and we’d like to share some of our top favorites.
The publishing date in this one is 1961, though you’ll see some of the signatures have ’57 written next to the illustrator Frank Marcello’s name. See if you can find the self-portrait!